Carol Maxwell

Restoration Ecologist


    M.L.A., Landscape Design, Temple University
  • B.A., Multicultural Counseling and Arts Therapy, The Evergreen State College

Carol Maxwell has a unique skill set as a restoration ecologist and landscape designer. For over 10 years, she has been incorporating the diverse needs of stakeholders while enhancing ecological resources. Her project portfolio includes various park designs from art parks to trail design around sensitive plant communities to large-scale planning and ecological restoration projects and visual impact assessments for offshore wind. The products have been valuable and engaging public spaces with measurable results, including increased public use, reduced impacts, and improved ecological diversity. She is flexible in all design phases, including leading botanical surveys, performing site analysis, and creating conceptual plans and construction documents. With a background in communication, whether working with private landowners or public agencies, she is attentive to detail and receptive. Evident in her 3-term, 7-year elected position on the Society for Ecological Restoration International Board of Directors, she can also refine a strategic vision and achieve results toward a larger goal, working across many boundaries.