Cultural Resources are objects, sites, places, structures, and buildings of cultural significance. Potential impacts to these resources must be considered throughout the life of a project, from initial design planning and permitting through construction. Working closely with our clients to navigate the often-complex system of compliance laws and regulations, we incorporate our extensive experience and understanding of stakeholders’ often divergent interests into every project.

GEI offers all services related to cultural resources, including delineation of Areas of Potential Effects (APEs); agency consultation; identification and evaluation of historic properties; archival research and literature reviews; consultation with Native American and other ethnic groups; stakeholder engagement; local, state, and Federal agency coordination; archaeological and built environment studies; National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), California Register of Historical Resources (CRHR), and other state-level evaluations; geoarchaeological investigations; agreement document preparation; and mitigation.



Critical Issues

Regulatory Requirements –Federal and State regulatory requirements can take companies by surprise. We meet our clients’ project needs and help them comply with regulatory requirements within the framework of project goals, budget, and schedule.

Consultation Experts – Some clients are uncertain how to initiate consultation. We understand the benefits of successful engagements between project proponents, Native Americans, and other stakeholders. We listen to others’ concerns.

Preservation and Sustainability – Clients may be unfamiliar with the goals of cultural resources management. We realize the importance of preserving cultural resources for future generations and offer viable mitigation strategies when preservation isn’t possible.

Moving Beyond Typical Mitigation – Agencies are looking for alternative forms of mitigation. We are inventive. We work with clients and stakeholders to develop creative approaches to mitigation.


GEI’s team of cultural resource professionals is a cohesive group of experts who excel in cultural resource regulatory compliance, including National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) Section 106, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and other state compliance processes.

Our professional staff meet the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for their profession and our archaeology staff are Registered Professional Archaeologists (RPAs).

Our cultural resources specialists are not just technical experts in archaeology, history, architecture, and osteology, we also write NEPA, NHPA Section 106, and state compliance documents.  We know what it takes to successfully complete the environmental compliance process.

Our cultural resources studies take projects from inception to the end of construction. We have helped clients with failing projects successfully complete all regulatory permitting and compliance requirements, leading to project success. From start to finish, we are there for our clients.




Our archaeologists’ expertise encompasses all phases of archaeological investigations, including archival research, literature reviews, archaeological surveys, NRHP archaeological site evaluations, construction monitoring, site mitigation including data recovery, and preparation of the appropriate technical documents needed to support the environmental review process.

To learn more contact Senior Archaeologist, Denise Jurich, RPA,

Built Environment

GEI’s architectural historians and historians have prepared numerous National and State NRHP and CRHR evaluations of bridges, buildings, and other built environments. In 2018 GEI was awarded a California Governor’s Historic Preservation Award.

To learn more contact Senior Historian/Architectural Historian, Madeline Bowen,

Native American Consultation

With our diverse background and expertise, GEI offers project proponents, Native Americans, reservations, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) knowledgeable and experienced staff with an unparalleled understanding of important Native American and Tribal issues. Many non-Tribal projects require extensive Native American consultation. We have the experience and knowledge to clearly communicate with Tribes and project stakeholders and know how to formulate effective solutions that translate into successful projects.

To learn more contact Senior Cultural Resources Specialist, Barry Scott, RPA,

Meet the Team
Denise Jurich GEI

Denise M. Jurich, R.P.A.

Senior Archaeologist/Project Manager

Barry G. Scott, R.P.A.

Senior Archaeologist

Madeline Bowen

Senior Architectural Historian

Jesse Martinez, R.P.A.

Senior Archaeologist

Jennifer M. Sanka, R.P.A.

Project Manager, Archaeologist

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