Ray Weiss

Environmental Planner

Environmental, Recreational Trails, Problem Solver


    B.A., Economics and Environmental Studies, CSU Sacramento

Ray Weiss helps clients implement environmental and permitting strategies to meet local agency, California Department of Transportation, and Federal Highway Administration objectives for land use, transportation, recreational trails, and emergency repair projects. His experience in the environmental field covers project management, socioeconomic and recreation analysis, and land use and community planning. Fluent in Spanish, he has extensive experience in active public participation, including workshops, charettes, and surveys.

Mr. Weiss’ most rewarding project has been management of both the environmental and design components of a new Class 1 recreation trail within the environmental sensitive American River Parkway. Trail placement within the floodway generated a lot of public and agency interest. Our team executed extensive preliminary trail planning and public outreach efforts to achieve a trail location and design that addressed residential privacy concerns and local flood control agency objectives. The project was personally rewarding as he had been able to immerse himself in the complexities of integrating environmental, regulatory permitting, and design deliverables and timelines to ensure project funding commitments are maintained.

The thing Ray enjoys most about his job is anticipating the unique challenges of each project (i.e., environmental, scheduling) and offering solutions to achieve client objectives, while minimizing impacts to the environment.

Fun Fact

I enjoy Aquascaping (including escapes to the coast!) and maintain several biotope aquariums with lots of exotic residents.