Natural Resource Surveys and Permitting Support for Dam Rehabilitation

Ecological Support Services for Multiple Tribal Entities


    Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs


    Tribes in Arizona, New Mexico, California, and South Dakota

GEI is providing ongoing ecological support services for multiple tribal entities directly through the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). GEI’s professional ecologists, biologists, environmental and wetland scientists conduct all necessary natural resource investigations to support water infrastructure repair, restoration, and improvements. GEI staff performs field surveys to delineate wetlands/aquatic resources, determine the extent of sensitive habitats, including assessments to determine any impacts to rare, threatened, or endangered species, take lead on all state and federal coordination and permitting requirements. Additionally, GEI provides guidance on the identification, maintenance and long-term management of invasive plant species on and around their reservoir sites, including insight on treatment and/or removal methods for invasive plant species in order to control the future spread of these species on and off the project site. GEI formulates necessary reports consistent with the BIA’s NEPA Guidelines which requires the formulation of an Environmental Assessment to evaluate design alternatives and extensive coordination with multiple stakeholders, state and federal agencies.

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